For me, Art is simply about partaking in Creation. And I feel that when I create with freedom I am adding goodness to the Universe. I live by this philosophy, dedicating myself to the purpose. I believe in pure evolution and that by making things for the sake of beauty I am living up to the responsibilities of the creator.

An Artist has to make a connection with his soul and the soul of the stone. It is a partnership and a sharing of direction. A dialogue that rings in hammer blows. When in this frame of mind, form grows of its own accord and I feel I am hardly responsible. Who then is the catalyst of change? I the artist, or the allure of the marble that has chosen me, its own quiet direction of elusive, addictive beauty, leading me on in a crazed love affair with light and form.

When I walk into my studio, I am always surprised by how stone beckons me. I may initially deny it, but the calling stone remains and will await me until we have at last come together to form in honour of the universal spirit. I carve because it takes me away from ego, and connects me to the Universe and its beauty in a productive way.